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Jun 26 2001

Just before I got off work, my boss called me into…

Just before I got off work, my boss called me into her boss’s office and I got a good talking to. It seems that some people don’t like coming back to their cubicle to find that their cell phone, which they left on and unattended so that the entire office could listen to its unabated ringing, is lying, turned off and/or partially dissassembled, on their desk. So I said I would stop. Drat!

She also said I should stop scaring people. I don’t go out of my way to scare people, it just happens. I thought I was being professional, but apparently I am just being scary. Some people might be of the opinion that this is bad for office productivity, but I think just the opposite. They should promote me so I can scare even more people. Everyone says I should smile more, that I have a nice smile. The reason for this is that I only smile when I genuinely feel like it, so every smile is real, not faked. I can’t even bring myself to make that lips-pressed-together face people who have already seen each other several times make when they pass each other in the hallway. And this makes me scary? That, friends and neighbors, is what is truly scary.

By the way, here are pictures of where I work, the scene of much of my blogging and other antics: this is a picture of my desk at work. Whiny Woman is at the desk in front of me. Here is our building from the outside and here is the street where I have lunch every day.

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