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Aug 15 2001

Just after I met Doug and his partner Donovan at 4…

Just after I met Doug and his partner Donovan at 45 after work, my phone rang. It was Edward, whom Dean introduced me to a couple of months ago. Edward used to teach in Kuwait and is from Canada, a really nice guy, built like a bouncer and always friendly. He had read my last couple of posts about how I wanted someone to get stark raving drunk with and invited me to go out drinking, but I was already meeting with Doug, so I had to turn him down. I might have been a little too abrupt though, considering he was just trying to be nice, and I apologized when he called back.

Doug and Donovan run a magazine in Taichung which details the various places where one can eat, drink and be merry in that fair city, in both Chinese and English. They are considering doing a Taipei edition and wanted to know if I would be willing to leave my present job in order to participate in such a venture. I have to admit, it is tempting, even though somewhat out of the blue, as I had thought I would be working at the new place part time and therefore have enough time to do both that and the magazine work, but I hadn’t really considered the possibility of leaving my present position for the magazine. It would most certainly be a challenge, since I’ve never done anything like it before, and thus more interesting than my present job, but once I leave, I won’t likely have a chance to go back if it doesn’t work out. Also, I wouldn’t be able to take a month off to tour Australia, as I had thought of doing. Hmmmmm…..it certainly bears further consideration.

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