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Oct 11 2001

I’ve found a new noodle shop I like. It’s on a str…

I’ve found a new noodle shop I like. It’s on a street behind my office building, and the dry noodles are delicious. The only drawback is that they always keep the TV tuned to a horrible Taiwanese soap opera whose plot is basically a vicious cycle of shouting men and crying women. I used to be really into that type of show, but after a couple the plots got old and nothing ever changed. It was always the same “Evil man hits viruous woman. Virtuous woman cries. Evil man hits now-crying virtuous woman again. Virtuous woman calls righteous hero figure. Badly choreographed fight ensues.” I know, it’s classical mythic structure according to Joseph Cambell, but I need a break now and again, or at least some good camerawork to spice things up.

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