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Aug 29 2001

I’ve been on a slow, miserable burn today. Everyth…

I’ve been on a slow, miserable burn today. Everything seems to bother me, and nothing interests me. Annoying music, people clipping their nails in nearby cubicles, people bumping into me in the hallway … I had lunch with Dean and Brian in the MRT concourse under the train station…of course on the way I passed the place where I didn’t get the job I’d wanted, the job I need, where I would have started working next Monday, making more money for half the time. The recent news about my college professor isn’t helping, either.

But, as they say, this too shall pass. I’m going to meet the ‘D’ section of my address book, Dean, Doug and Donovan, tonight after work down at the Ruby Tuesdays at Warner Village. I’m going to tell them my decision on their magazine offer.

The Taipei International Finance Center is apparently back on track to become the world’s tallest building, after the Song-shan airport changed it’s rules in order to keep planes from sideswiping the structure. At 101 stories, it will certainly stick out on the city’s skyline when it’s done. Here’s a picture of the construction as it appears from Warner Village, and here’s what it looks like from my window, miles away. Our tallest building right now is the Mitsukoshi building, which towers above everything else in this 12-story town, is less than half the height of the new building. Chiropractors here must be rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation of the strained necks they’ll be called on to treat.

The other day I ran across a place called “McSnack”, on Fuhsing N. Road near the corner of Minchuan E. Road. It was a McDonald’s, but one trying really hard to be as unlike McDonald’s as possible. It was spotless inside. There were potted plants and a glass counter with desserts on display. The staff all wore their black berets backwards. Smetana’s Ma Vlast (at last!) was playing over the store speakers. I choose a bagel burger over the english muffin. It tasted ok, but afterwards my stomach sent me an urgent message. You think you can fool me, it said, but you can’t. I know you just ate McDonald’s food. And now you’re going to pay.

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