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May 19 2001

It’s Saturday. What a relief. Except it is a rathe…

It’s Saturday. What a relief. Except it is a rather grey Saturday; still, if the motorcycle repair shop downstairs is open today, I can retrieve my motorcycle and set about today’s business, which includes the following items:

1. Go to martial arts store in Wanhua to get some new Kung-fu shoes and look at swords.

2. Visit the T-shirt store next to the Jiantan MRT station and see what kind of deal I can cut. Also, should I try to sell my T-shirts through this site? I’ll probably make one batch and see how people like them. Already I’ve gotten requests from friends in the states that want them, sight unseen.

3. Maybe visit the jade market.

4. See about new shoes. The nike’s I bought about a year ago are wearing out already.

5. Maybe see a movie.

The neighbors have decided to renovate their apartment, which of course involves weeks of jackhammering. The fact that 99% of Taiwanese buildings are made of concrete means that whenever someone wants to do anything with their apartment, it will invariably involve a jackhammer or two, and I will bet real money that the guys operating the jackhammers have no idea that the wall they’re tearing down is likely either a supporting wall or a firewall. I would ask our neighbors about this, if doing this will affect the stability of our building, but I already know the answer I will get: “Aiya! Buhui la!”(Oh, of course not!”).

Uh-oh. Was that thunder I heard? I should get going.

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