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May 02 2001

It’s almost time to get off work. Shitload of work…

It’s almost time to get off work. Shitload of work today, and I just wasn’t in the mood. The weather has returned to its original, sorry state of cool, cloudy, depressing….you know the drill. It feels like my cold has returned as well…dammit. I need more sleep.

Last night I went out to Fnac, the French store that sounds like someone trying unsuccessfully to sneeze, and looked around. The Sony digital video camera I want to buy is only NT$90,000 there now, which means it is probably even less on Chunghwa road. That’s still a large chunk of money, though.

Anyway, afterwards, I was so tired I didn’t feel like walking to Friday’s for a Chicken wrap like I usually do, so I went next door to the Hard Rock cafe. DAMN, it was bad. You walk down a wide stairway, down a long corridor, past a coat check and souvenier store, and then reach a little empty room. That’s it. That’s the restaurant. Nobody is around. The waiters are lazy and the food is bad. I asked for a root beer and got a sasparilla. My club sandwich cost NT$350. It sucked. The waiter misinterpreted my “Can I have the check, please?” for “Please feel free to ignore me for the next half hour.” Needless to say, I won’t be going back there, ever. It used to be a decent place before they moved to next to the Asiaworld hotel. I should have gone to Dan Ryans. It was just a western-food night, and I didn’t feel like Chinese food, which I have every day, usually. In any case, don’t bother with the Hard Rock Cafe in Taipei. If you want that sort of thing, you’d be better off going to the Planet Hollywood at the Warner Village Cinema complex near City Hall.

Ah, I need some more sleep, methinks…

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