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Sep 06 2001

It would seem that I alienated most of my readers …

It would seem that I alienated most of my readers with the last post. I guess I can understand why, what with not only containing references to homosexuality, retirees getting struck by lightning in Florida, and my underwear, but also sprinkled liberally with nasty words that you won’t hear the nice people on TV say any time soon. Well, good riddance, I say. If they would prefer to watch “Silver Spoons” re-runs, then I don’t want their kind in here. This blog ain’t big enough for the both of us.

I’ve spent an enjoyable day at the office watching my computer crash repeatedly in new and interesting ways, editing godawful pieces of what can only be loosely described as ‘text’,(one woman described herself in her CV as ‘sentient’. Congratulations, you’re sentient. Now go watch TV) and listening to Whiny Woman sing along to old songs by the Police. I’ve been trying to deal with my mounting frustration with time-worn techniques such as “Flattening Plastic Water Bottles Loudly with My Hands before Jumping Up and Down on the Resulting Pile o’ Plastic” and the good old “Striding Purposefully Around in Tight Circles”, but to honest I’d rather just be somewhere else.

The air outside smells good for a change today. This is no doubt the result of several days of heavy rains and frequent lightning. Storms are the bringers of fresher air, which this city certainly needs. I know I do.

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