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Nov 23 2001

In spite of the fact that yesterday was Thanksgivi…

In spite of the fact that yesterday was Thanksgiving, that wonderful holiday celebrating the beginning of the relationshit between ndns and white people in north America, Seamus and his current host Ingrid decided to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast over at their apartment on Xinhai Rd. I managed to get out of the office only after being reminded several times that our IT department has yet to pull its head out of its collective ass and implement a LAN that doesn’t crash terminals every five minutes. And since I was feeling quite bouncy yesterday afternoon, I was listening to loud dance music MP3s. Thus my normally hush-hush running commentary on the generally poor state of affairs was broadcast at a much louder level than usual. I think people here are used to this, however.

I walked over to Ingrid’s apartment and met her roommates, which included Rosa, who’s favorite Bond film is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and who’s favorite James Bond is, of course, George Lazenby; Camille, a handsome Indian-looking fellow with questionable hairstyling, possibly from South Africa, and a girl from Australia who might have been Camille’s girlfriend. I was a bit peckish at that point so I chomped down on some of the Brie cheese and french bread on the table, and then we all sat down to mashed potatoes, lettuce and sweet potato soup to the sounds of eerie lounge music followed by eerie disco. Something in the mix began to strongly disagree with my stomach, however, so I left early so as to keep my misery from ruining everyone else’s evening.

Whatever it was is still with me, unfortunately, so I have restricted my diet today to crackers and plum juice, but so far it’s not working. And I have sword practice tonight. Ugh. I can’t really miss it, as I’ve already missed a month. I brought my receipts from July and August to see if I won anything today. Hopefully this activity will not be perceived as slacking.

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