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Jul 25 2001

In order to clear up some of the rampant confusion…

In order to clear up some of the rampant confusion and resulting street riots over the plethora of people mentioned in this account, I have fashioned a Cast of Characters in order to edify both of my unwashed readers on the identity of all these vagabond friends and aquaintances trapsing in and out of my life at the moment. It is very rough, of course, with no pretty pictures to look at just yet, but I will add to it as I go. Let me know if you think you or anyone else should be included.

I think the IT department may have gotten off their asses and fixed the Word document crashing problem. I don’t want to sound certain or else I will jinx it. Now if they could get Whiny Woman to stop singing along to “Close to You”, but I suspect that is a deeper problem which might require actual surgery.

I rented two DVDs recently which are almost exact opposites, yet both about equally hard to enjoy: Quills and Next Friday. Quills made its point early on, that there are sadists and then there are sadists. But then, after the play scene, the motion stopped, although the beautiful cinematography continued. It was basically Silence of the Lambs without the happy ending. After a while I lost interest in the story and the characters, since nothing new was revealed about them.

Next Friday was entertaining, but only just. Ice Cube is always fun to watch, and Mike Epps was hilarious, but it would be a stretch to saw I wasn’t wondering when it would all just end for a large portion of the movie.

Tom Working is looking for monkeys in the weblogs he reviews. Technically speaking, now, there are no monkey graphics in this site. You’d think I would have fixed such a glaring design flaw by now.

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