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Aug 02 2001

I’m strangely tempted to go to one of Taiwan’s man…

I’m strangely tempted to go to one of Taiwan’s many nude beaches and take a few shots of myself for a chance to be on the cover of Playblog, but first I have to ask myself if I’m ready to inflict that kind of punishment upon the unwashed masses. That shouldn’t be a problem, as inflicting punishment upon the unwashed masses is what this account is all about. However, I also have to remember that Taiwan doesn’t have any nude beaches. Even if it did, I’m not sure I’d want to visit a nude beach that would let me in.

In other lusty news, Andy, the IT guy I have a small crush on, is wearing a muscle shirt to-day…lust from afar…lust from afar……..drool from afar…

Our last rehearsal for the play is tonight, and our last two performances are this weekend. It should be fun, as we’re likely to get larger audiences this weekend than last, unless another typhoon decides to come visit us. I am also getting the stiches out of my arm after my knife fight with Dr.Wei a couple of weeks ago.

The job I am going for requires me to do an take a test via email at a predetermined time, but since I have rehearsal tonight, I can’t do it then. Instead, I will have to ignore my job for a couple of hours (an easy task…I’ve ignored it for days on end before) to complete the test. If I get this job, I’ll have more time to do some things I really need to get done, such as finishing my book, travelling and doing film projects involving mass transportation and explosions (perhaps regrettably, not in the same scene). They’re cutting it kind of close, though, since I would like to be able to give a month’s notice, and it starts in September.

I wonder if Whiny Woman picks up on the fact that, every day when she walks into the office, sits down at her desk and picks up the phone, I always scramble for my CD player and stuff the earphones into my ears with the same combination of desperation and ferocity that a passenger on a suddenly decompressed airplane reaches for the oxygen mask that pops out of the ceiling.

Last night I watched Evolution on a pirated VCD at Dean’s 70’s Airport Disco/Loveshack. I realize that this is wrong and that it supports piracy, but since I liked it enough to want to see it in the theater when it comes out, and since a movie ticket at Warner Village costs almost NT$300, I consider my debt to society on this issue paid in full. It is a silly movie, but silly in a good, entertaining way, like so many of Ivan Reitman’s films.

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