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Sep 20 2001

I’m in Hong Kong, at a hole-in-the-wall Internet C…

I’m in Hong Kong, at a hole-in-the-wall Internet Cafe across the street from my hotel. The typhoon, of course, followed me here (I thought my luggage was a bit heavier than it should have been). So the weather is not, shall we say, at its best. I still can’t believe that I’m going through the same typhoon twice.

My hotel, the Hong Kong Hyatt Regency, is nice, but the idiots at the travel agency for some reason told them to not give us any phone service, which they later denied. These are the same idiots who ‘forgot’ to give us the correct forms to fill out before we went through customs. Now I can’t even make a local call because of those parsimonious bastards. Not just that, but I couldn’t locate the hotel bus to my hotel because there isn’t a single person at the Hong Kong airport who knows where the hotel buses are located. I asked several people and nobody knew. Incredible. I ended up taking the airport train, and then finding my way out of a particularly maze-like apartment complex, then walking over to Tsim Sha Tsui, soaking myself with sweat in the process. At least there was an ice cream stand in Kowloon park on the way.

Last night I met up with the Big White Guy himself, over in his traditional stomping grounds in Causeway Bay. When I called him, his voice didn’t match my original expectations. From his appearance, I expected something more, I dunno, dangerous sounding. He’s actually a really nice guy, fun to talk with. I hope we can get together again before I have to leave. We had some drinks at a teahouse/restaurant place, took pictures of each other for our websites and then walked around the area, the bwg pointing out various places where he had cleverly affixed “Goatee Style” stickers. Later on we even beheld the famous Steps of Pain.

I just had a great lunch of Cantonese cuisine, including Chang fen, which is basically big noodles with meat inside. I also had a nice massage which included baby oil and being nekkid. That’s all the details you’re going to get from me, so don’t bother asking.

I called a couple of other friends this afternoon, guys I knew from when I worked at the newspaper, and we’ll probably meet up later on. I don’t know what we’ll do, other than get wet from the pouring rain. It’s great to be back in Hong Kong, although I know that I’d have to make a lot more than I make now if I wanted to live here. It’s quite expensive, and seems like a much more intense living experience than I’m used to in Taipei. That might be just because I am used to Taipei, though. If I were accustomed to living in Hong Kong, I might feel the same way about it. One thing I am reasonably sure of, though, is that after walking around this hilly terrain for a few months, I’d have great-looking calves. Hong Kong people tend to have really nice calves.

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