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Aug 19 2001

I went over to see Boogie at his school after swor…

I went over to see Boogie at his school after sword practice on Friday, and we arranged to meet at the KFC on Renai and then walk to the Subway near his place. On the way another one of those flash-flood-like downpours occurred, and I waited it out in front of the Pizza Hut on Chunghsiao E. Road. It was a very western fast food-oriented evening.

Boogie has written a script called “Stuck in Taiwan”. As I read through it, I see Boogie’s life since he came here, and since I’ve known him forever, I see a bit of my life as well. First Dean, then Steve, and now Boogie are all writing books and stuff, and the realization shamed me so much that yesterday I ignored the beautiful weather(well, except for a brief wander around the park), stayed in and wrote over 3,000 words for my book. It’s not that hard to write, it’s just hard to keep writing, day after day. I write a lot at one sitting, as those of you who read this account on a regular basis know very well, but I’ve never written anything on the scale of a book yet, and I tend to go for a long time without writing anything at all, and then I write a bunch all at once. I can think of many excuses why this is so, but it really all comes down to laziness and procrastination. But I’m beginning to realize that the disadvantages of procrastinating really outweigh the benefits, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up until it’s done. I haven’t decided whether to try to self-publish or not. Steve did, Dean did not. I suppose it is a matter of whether I can afford to or not, and whether I can hook up any good deals with publishers. I’ll deal with that when I have to, though.

Last night Steve, Irene and I went out to Ronnie’s ex-ex-girlfriend’s place in Mucha. As usual, the smell of fresh air surprised me when I got off the MRT at Hsinhai station. Ronnie’s ex-ex-girlfriend has a very, very nice apartment, in a new building with a great view, high ceilings, wood floors and a loft. We chatted and watched Simpsons tapes as we ate chips and drank battery acid- er, I mean coke, until more people arrived, quite a few of whom were at Ronnie’s birthday party at the Watershed. Being the shy, reclusive hermits that we are, we left.

The other day I watched Rear Window on a crappy DVD the other day. It was very well done, of course, and it caused me to wonder if there was any parallel between watching other people’s lives through their windows and reading about their lives through their online journals. Could the same kind of movie be done today with online journals and webcams? I think so. Of course, it would need a director as good as Hitchcock to pull it off. It would be very easy to do it badly. Most of today’s “top” directors would make it just another teen slash flick with nothing more than CGI and TNA to draw audiences.

Dean and Kay are back in town after two weeks in Canada, and I will see them later tonight when I go over to watch Star Trek at the 70’s airport love palace. Harry also might be coming over this afternoon to drop off some CD’s, but he is busy with factory orders this month and might not have time. In any case, after lunch I am going to do some more writing, even though it is another beautiful day outside. It bothers me that, after all this time, I still haven’t finished this book, and it has been bothering me more and more lately. Hopefully this will be enough to prod me into just getting it done once and for all.

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