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Jul 08 2001

I was, to be honest, quite shocked to find out not…

I was, to be honest, quite shocked to find out not only that I’d been reviewed, but that I’d received a positive review! I’m not kidding! Go see it for yourself at The Weblog Review!

Sword practice on Friday night was really hard. We are learning a new form, a weaponless one, in addition to the sword form. It is the 24-form as opposed to the 37-form that is more commonly taught, and my legs are still sore from it.

Rehearsal this afternoon went well, I thought. We lost one of our major actors, so Carl is going to step down as director and play Cromwell himself. We went through the scene with Wolsey and More, and I managed to remember most of my lines and make myself heard, which were my two major objectives. When we were done we were applauded by everyone in the room, but I soon realized that they were applauding Jason, who did a really good job on that scene. Carl, who said I have a very resonant voice, took me aside and gave me some good advice and coaching for the part. After rehearsal the players all went to Lulu’s for drinks and then to Mr. Paco’s for dinner. I had never been to either. Lulu’s is next to the theater we’ll be performing at, a sort of haven for lost pastels, and Mr. Paco’s serves good (and as far as I know, authentic) Italian food over in the trendy Chunghsiao E. Road area. Most of the women and some of the men spent a fair amount of time oogling Mr. Paco himself, although he is not my type, personally.

I enjoyed hanging out with the people in the play, though. They all seem like good, interesting people, and although there is a little squabbling during rehearsals, they seem to genuinely respect each other. Being rather new to all of this, I tended to keep my mouth shut lest I embarrass myself, but I like that kind of setting, with just a few people talking with each other over good food, much better than a large party with pounding music and a crush of bodies. Carl even danced to Sinatra with a very interesting South African woman named Judy who lives in Panchiao. It all felt very…homey, and I didn’t want to leave even though I was missing Star Trek. That’s how much I enjoyed it. I really hope we can keep our spirit up, since we are running out of time, William, the new director, is going to have to really crack the whip to get us into shape before opening night. I think that we can do it if just just apply ourselves without at the same time taking things too seriously.

There is a point, a horrible point, that everyone reaches every Sunday, and that is the point when one realizes that the next day is Monday, and all of this freedom and fun will dissapear as we are thrust back into the reality of our offices, our classrooms, etc. That’s why I love three-day weekends with Monday off far better than ones with just Friday off. Not that I’d turn down any three-day weekend, that is.

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