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May 17 2001

I swear, I had nothing to do with this. Honest! I …

I swear, I had nothing to do with this. Honest! I even have alibis!

Last night I was walking home, actually, as my motorcycle is being fixed(for NT$1,700…considerably less than the cost of a new bike). I couldn’t face walking the same route to the same MRT station(Chungshan Junior High School). I just had to do something different, especially after an intensely boring day at the office, so I walked west, all the way to Chungshan N. Road, and then down the MRT park strip to the Taipei train station. They have torn down all of the buildings in the area where the old station used to be, and built what looks like a temporary park, aka just broad, grassy mounds and a few walkways. It was odd, standing in the middle of this big, empty space, in the middle of such a densely crowded city.

I actually met someone interesting in a chat room last night. It’s unusual, because I am usually pretty picky, and I don’t visit it often. But, for once, this guy seemed to have the same general view of things as I do. Can this be a good thing? Stay tuned!

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