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Jul 28 2001

I opened my curtains this morning to find stunning…

I opened my curtains this morning to find stunningly beautiful weather outside. Bright sun, clear air….this can only mean one thing, I thought…a typhoon is coming. I checked the central weather bureau and, sure enough, Typhoon Toraji is on its way.

Sword practice went well, as did Tai-chi practice. Afterwards, as I rode back home, I realized that my front disc brake isn’t working so well. The moment I realized this was when a car in front of me decided to pull a panic stop for a yellow light, an event which is quite rare here. Needless to say I braked as hard as I could, locking my back tire, but the stopping power seemed to fade, and I bounced off the guy’s rear bumper. The people in the back seat stared, and the driver got out to look for damage, but there was none. “Yeah, just try and sue me for that,” I muttered, my testicles aching from the sudden jolting stop.

I was at Grandma Nitti’s putting up play posters when Kirk called. He offered to take me to a place to get a new fish, since my old one died. When we got to the store, however, I thought I might get something different, so I bought a couple of turtles. They are scrambling happily(or morosely…one can never tell with turtles) around in my partially emptied fishbowl at the moment. I may need to get something bigger, but at least one can take turtles out and play with them, unlike most fish. I haven’t thought of any names for them yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

After sitting for a while at Starbuck’s, drinking tea, I was on my way home when I was stopped by a group of people who are apparently making a student film on 16mm for one guy’s thesis project at USC, and they wondered if I could help play a supporting role in the next couple of weeks. I told them I was interested but I didn’t know how much time I could devote to the project since I am employed on a daily basis. Still, it sounds like it might be fun to do, and I haven’t worked on a film set since New York, and I suppose I could take a day or two off work to help them out…anyway, they said they’d be in touch.

In a moment I have to go get the bandage on my arm changed and then I am going to get my head shaved at my friend Shi-chang’s barbershop over by Hsing-tien Temple. Then I have to be at the theater at 2:00, and the play is scheduled to begin at 7:30. This should be rather fun, typhoon and all.

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