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Jul 03 2001

I just saw a guy in a blue shirt running around th…

I just saw a guy in a blue shirt running around the area behind our building doing sloppy kung-fu moves. Or maybe it was really good Kung-fu and was just too fast for me to see. Or maybe I’ve been spoiled by watching too many Jet Li movies. After he finished jumping over walls, spin-kicking and the like, he went back into the building. I can only assume he is one of the employees at the Saab showroom downstairs and was venting a little frustration with people walking around reminding each other that the economy is bad and citing that as their reason why they can’t buy a new Saab today. I like Saabs, personally. I have fond memories of one Saab that my childhood friend and fellow Boy Scout Keith Biggs’ father took to accompany the old yellow school bus we drove to Virginia and North Carolina for our annual two-week High Adventure. Every so often four scouts would be chosen as the next ones to be able to escape the creaking, oven-hot deathtrap that was our troop bus and ride in the plush maroon, air conditioned comfort of Keith’s dad’s white 900 turbo sedan. It was heaven. All too quickly it was time to get back on the bus, which was driven by our scoutmaster Jack Champion, whose sanity was no certain thing in my mind, and not just because of his driving. Later, in high school, long after I had quit the scouts and flushed all of the troop records down the toilet, Keith totalled the Saab and he and the other three kids that had been in the car came to school all bandaged and patched up the next day. That was the end of the Saab.

Back to the present. I hear people reminding each other about the infamously bad economy all the time, hundreds of times a day it seems. I get company-wide emails from some shmuck reminding me that the economy is bad. At our company anniversary this woman got up on stage just to remind us that the economy is bad. It’s like some sort of lame brainwashing campaign that only works because people are sheep! Sometimes I feel like screaming “Yes! I’ve heard! I’ve heard you morons telling each other that the economy is bad, telling each other to stop spending money, to stop buying things, to pull out your investments, to sell your stocks, to lay off your workers, and in general ruin the economy because someone started a rumor that the economy is bad!”


Ok. I’ve run across Lemonesque, which is one of the first sites, as far as I know, to put me in its links, after Moose, who doesn’t really count because we already knew each other from college. Thanks, Mark! I read through it a bit and found it quite entertaining. He lives in Laredo, Texas, which actually isn’t that far from where I was born. Of course, “isn’t that far” in Texas translates to “as far away as you can get and still be on the island” here in Taiwan.

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