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Jul 02 2001

I just rented and watched Unbreakable. I have to s…

I just rented and watched Unbreakable. I have to say The Sixth Sense left me feeling a bit cheated from the “twist” ending. I think the director should not depend too much on the unexpected twist at the end. I was pleased with Unbreakable, though, as it stood on its own throughout. A bit slow, but a real sense of discovery welling up portrayed by exquisite cinematography made for a powerful viewing experience. The deleted scenes were included in the DVD, and the director explained the reason he deleted each scene. Perhaps some of my choices would have been different, but it’s his film after all. If, as rumor has it, this is the first part of a trilogy, I look forward to the next two installments. Watching this movie did make me want to rush out and make another of my own.

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