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Oct 01 2001

I just got back from a long dinner and walking aro…

I just got back from a long dinner and walking around with Kirk and Victor. It was a lot of fun, as usual, but for some reason I wasn’t in the mood for spending a lot of money this time, which is unusual when I go out with them. Kirk bought enough for both of us, however, including a couple of Chinese-style vests and a cool-looking hat over in the Shi-da market area. Most of the shops were closed for the Moon Festival, and it felt almost like new year’s, so few people were out. Add to this the cool weather and the relatively clear skies, neither of which we’ve seen in a long while, and the atmosphere felt odd indeed.

We we ate fried rice and drank milk tea out on the large balcony of a new restaurant on the park that runs next to Shi-da Road, and talked about my book. This of course resulted in many stories, mostly from Kirk, about various shenanigans and goings-on when we were in the army. Kirk actually served at the same base as I did, and we both went to the same boot camp as well. He got transferred to the coast guard, however, so he didn’t stay at Da Ping Ding, where I served most of my military service.

These three days have sped by, really, probably because I didn’t go out much. I spent most of today editing, and I’m over half-way done with my first edit now. I definitely don’t feel like going to work tomorrow. At least it won’t be Monday. Hopefully it won’t be raining, either.

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