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Oct 08 2001

I hate cubicle runners. You know the kind of run p…

I hate cubicle runners. You know the kind of run people do when they’re running in a cramped office, that sort of floppy, half-jog that everyone suspects happens a lot in gum commercials? Gah. It’s an office, people. Walking around with files and shit is generally enough to make you look busy. I don’t even need the files. I just glare at people and they assume that I’m worried about something like the Global Economic Slowdown or Last Quarter’s Profit Margin, when in reality I’m just pissed off because the vending machine doesn’t work, or because my job is boring as hell.

One good thing about smelling like sulphur even though I took a long shower and changed clothes: I think it annoys the hell out of Whiny Woman. To express her dissatisfaction with the onerous state of affairs, she has been holding long discussions with the second most annoying woman in the office, the Woman Who Always Leaves Her Cell Phone On Her Desk And Doesn’t Answer It, Preferring Instead To Let It Ring Over And Over.. but I’ll just call her Ally McNoying, since that’s her name. All I can say is thank god for Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921) for composing the kick-ass Bacchanale from the sequel to Samsom & Delilah: Sometimes It Grows Back. Gotta love music where you know the musicians are playing as loud as they physically can.

Thanks to Doyce for turning me on to Warp 9 to Hell, an online comic that’s damn funny and features a sexy main character by the name of Usagi. There’s another main character named Mofo, but he’s not my type. Still, check it out. Beats reading war news any day of the week.

People’ve been telling me I need to get the hell outa Taipei for a spell, and I have to say I agree. Now, anyone out there feel like filling in for me for a month or so while I go annoy Australians in their native environment? You could experience first-hand the adventure that is life in my office, and even get paid for it! Watch as pretentious Taiwanese “office ladies” strut and preen, throwing meaningless English words at each other like fashion grenades! Listen as Lisa Ono goes one-on-one with the Carpenters! (if you think you’re gonna get to use my Volt, think again, suckas. It’s goin’ with me).

Ok, by now you’ve probably realized that I’m in a better mood than I have been recently. Part of this is my little excursion yesterday to romp naked in the mud pools on the far side of Yangming Mountain. But another reason is that my brother’s wife just gave birth to a large baby boy (seven pounds 14 ounces is large, isn’t it? It would be large for a melon, that’s all I know). This is really cool because I think we could all use some good news for a change.

Oh, I added a couple of new pictures to my photography page and updated my links page as well. Some of the sites I enjoyed in the past, unfortunately, have surrendered to the urge to spend every day ranting about the war, US policy, etc., which is fine, just not something I feel an urge to read about on every single site I visit every single day. I suspect that I’ll probably have to update that section again soon, too.

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