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Dec 22 2001

I feel terrible. My throat is killing me and I hav…

I feel terrible. My throat is killing me and I have no energy. I doubt if I’ll be in good enough shape to go to the Christmas party tonight, dammit. I went to the doctor yesterday during my lunch break and was told that the eye drops couldn’t have possibly infected my throat and tonsils. He gave me a little bag of pills, but no antibiotics. I realize I should trust the doctor and not demand antibiotics every time I get sick, but it does seem to me that I always start out on non-antibiotic medicine and then end up on antibiotics, sometimes several different kinds. Hopefully that won’t happen this time. I went and bought a couple bottles of “Super Supau”, which is basically just a sports drink, i.e. sugar water, but my old commanding officer from back in the army used to swear it was just the thing for curing a cold.

I was feeling pretty bad by the time I got off work last night, so I skipped sword practice, even though my teacher said she was going to bring in the award from the competition a couple of months ago. I’ll just have to pick it up some other time. I’m not terribly interested in the award anyway. My room is too cluttered as it is. Today I’m just going to stay in and try to recuperate as much as possible, or just ride it out. It’s around 10 degrees outside so it’s a good day to stay indoors anyway.

Yesterday at work I got a call from my old friend Billy, who is one of the travel agents I use. He and and a sexy older guy from the Dominican Republic named Lorenzo work at his office, called, simply enough, Billy’s Travel Agency. I met Billy when I was a cameraman on a travel show he used to host at the Era network. Once I was part of a crew on a trip to Singapore and Indonesia for the show, which was a lot of fun.

That was years ago, however. I have long since left the TV industry, but Billy has apparently nailed down a deal with CTV for another travel show. They are going to give him studio time but no crew for the actual episodes, so Billy want me to come with him and be his cameraman. I don’t know when all of this is, but it might fit in with my plans for after Chinese New Years. If I could get some sort of part-time editing job that would cover my expenses, and then spend the rest of time doing things that I’d rather be doing, it might just work out. Still, everything is still in the embyonic stage so I can only wait and see how things develop. What I really need to do now is get my damn book finished!

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