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Dec 03 2001

I don’t think the play thing is going to work out….

I don’t think the play thing is going to work out. The group just seems to lack something…perhaps the vitality of the Seasons Players, even though several of the Seasons Players are also part of this cast. I was offered a small role that I am not really interested in, so I might opt out of the whole thing. I’ll still go to another couple of rehearsals and see what happens, though. We might work something out. My friend Ken called as we were wrapping up the rehearsal session at Grandma Nitti’s, so I told him to come over. We talked over dinner and had a good time. Ken wanted to know if I would have preferred a more “normal” life, e.g. either being purely Taiwanese and living in Taiwan, or purely white American, living in the US, but there’s no way I can answer that. I suspect that I would be highly dissatisfied living in the US, but I can’t say for sure, not having really done it before. I’ve lived here in Taiwan my entire adult life, and I spent my childhood moving around the US; that’s just what happened, so it’s hard to imagine how I’d feel in other circumstances. It would be another me, a me I don’t really know and cannot answer for. Still, it was an interesting conversation. We also talked about the election, how the Times and the News seem to be ignoring the massive gains the PFP made, focusing rather on the DPP. Naturally. It’s their agenda, of course. Ken didn’t vote because his residence is registered in Taichung County, and his place of employment, B&Q, wouldn’t let him take the entire day off.

Drivel. All of this rambling simply means that nothing interesting happened today to write about other than a constant headache from looking at the monitor all day. Or perhaps it’s a lack of air quality, as the mountains have gradually disappeared from view over the course of the day. Or maybe it was those instant noodles. I should do something other than go home and play video games after work today.

I’m thinking that perhaps getting my book complete and published by Christmas is just a tad unrealistic. I might have to revise that goal to Chinese New Years instead. That doesn’t let me off the hook though; there’s still a lot to be done, and I know that I will not be satisfied until the damn thing is finally published.

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