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Dec 10 2001

I did manage to get a bit of writing done on Sunda…

I did manage to get a bit of writing done on Sunday before I went to rehearsal for the play. On the way there by some strange coincidence I ran into Melvin, my old boss from when I worked at the newspaper. We were talking when I heard someone call out my Chinese name. I turned around to see my old Brigade commander, Lou Ti, standing there. I hadn’t seen him in years. Lou Ti is a general now and has his own division down in Chiayi. It was surreal having two former bosses from such vastly different situations standing there together chatting with me on Heping East Road.

Unfortunately I was late for rehearsal so I couldn’t chat very long. I doubt I will take a part in this one, but I’ll hang around for a couple more rehearsals just to see what happens. It’s fun to do, but I have a full plate already at the moment. Work today was awful. I was kept busy all day with horribly boring, inane copy, which is the norm, unfortunately. After work I rented some DVDs, just something I could lose myself in, so I got Doctor Zhivago. But that didn’t work out because it kept crashing my computer, so I had to give up on the damn thing. Fark.

These days I wear myself out at work during the time I should be spending productively, and when I get time to myself, such as after work, I don’t feel like doing anything productive. Something’s gotta change here, or else something’s gonna break.

The doorman downstairs hasn’t mentioned his proposition since he made it a few days ago. I even chatted with him a bit tonight when I walked in, but he didn’t bring it up at all. He seemed suspiciously cheery, however. I hope he hasn’t misconstrued my refusal as some sort of tacit agreement. I can just see him producing documentation that confirms that I’ve already married his daughter or something. Ugh.

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