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Jun 02 2001

I could have done so much today, but I didn’t. I w…

I could have done so much today, but I didn’t. I was online chatting with someone until 5 or 6pm…basically all day. I was online for almost nine hours straight, which might be alright for a Web developer or some similar person, but not very healthy for me. I even skipped lunch. Took a shower and a nap, then had some split pea soup with wine and sprite (the sprite was seperate) while I watched Die Hard III on DVD.

That’s it. That’s all I did today. And now I feel like shit, for some strange reason. May be either a new cold or the remains of the last one…can’t really tell. Now I’m listening to one of Taiwan’s Lamest radio stations, ICRT while desperately looking for something entertaining on the Internet. I have to say, I’m coming up dry here. Even my fish if bored. I dumped a Rolls Royce matchbox car in his bowl for its enjoyment, but the fish doesn’t appear to know how to drive. It just swims around and admires the craftsmanship.

Sometimes I try to remember what I did with my time before the Internet, which is not a good sign. I think I watched videotapes and listened to music, mostly. I remember when I first saw a computer set up for the Internet, back in 94, in Hsinchu. I was in awe that this guy, a friend of Mindcrime’s, actually, could surf, use email, usenet, Telnet, and all of this stuff, all on his computer. It was a window on the world! Today, it is so much more than it was then, but it still remains in a state that makes finding what you want a rather difficult proposition. Are people more literate because of the Internet? Or do they just type faster now? Maybe in a few decades’ time handwriting will become a lost art. There just won’t be any reason to write anything down by hand anymore, what with PDA/Cellphone/palmtop devices that eliminate paper. I suppose that’s good for the amazon and trees in general, but people are going to forget how to write. It will be multiplication. Spell checks and grammar checks, voice recognition, etc., will let us stop thinking about the form of what we are writing and concentrate on the content. That’s in an ideal world, however. In reality people will probably become even more like content-fed sheep. The more things change…

Speaking of content-fed sheep, I will probably do nothing again tomorrow, and completely waste my weekend. Then, if I’m feeling better, I’ll go back to work on Monday morning, hating my good job. Oh, well, at least I live in a place that nice to do nothing in. Especially on cool, rainy days like today.

Something I can’t figure out…why does Hotmail, when you link to something, give you that little message that says “You are visiting a site outside of Hotmail(how dare you!), please close this window to return to Hotmail(duh!)” What kind of idiots is this message designed for?

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