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Aug 06 2001

I am still in the process of adding permanent link…

I am still in the process of adding permanent links, so while it says links down at the bottom of each post at the moment, they still don’t work. Sorry about the mess; I’ll get them working as soon as possible, and then my website will be perfect and I can proceed with my insideous plan to take over the world! Mwuhahahahaaa…ahem.

Dean is leaving with Kay tomorrow for two weeks in Canada for his sister’s wedding. Hopefully he will be able to pick up a Rio Volt CD/MP3 player for me when he’s there….actually, I should go down to the West Gate district just to check that they don’t have them there yet. It seems most of the Seasons Players are departing for all four corners of the earth. All except for me, at least for now, since everything is up in the air, as always. I suspect my euphoria over the play is eroding such that tomorrow will probably feel a lot like a normal weekday, or even a normal Monday. Blegh.

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