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Jun 24 2001

How does Ev pick the "Blogs of Note"? Is it just h…

How does Ev pick the “Blogs of Note”? Is it just him doing the choosing, or is there a panel or something? Ah, to hell with it. With this design(or lack thereof), I doubt this site will ever get on that list.

Eve likes my bubbles. *Warm, fuzzy feeling*

For some reason, whatever window I’m working in is shutting itself every few seconds. This is, needless to say, too annoying for words. Hmmm. “Needless To Say” and “Too Annoying for Words” are two good names for some of the blogs I’ve seen recently.

I finally bought a digital camera. Hopefully I will be able to catch more interesting things now.

Yesterday Kirk and I went to see “The Mummy Returns”. I know, it was almost guaranteed to suck, but I had been all charged up by the scenes in the preview of Oded Fehr. The second half of the film was pretty good, though. Just took it a while to get on track.

Bret’s party was last night. A nice, enjoyable little get-together out at his and Allen’s idyllic apartment out in Hsichih. I met some interesting people, but I probably stayed too long, as I was one of the last to leave. There were a couple of foreigners who didn’t seem to want to acknowlege my existance. One of them had just gotten his permanent residency. It seems that less than 300 foreigners have done that since the rules were changed a couple of years ago. It’ll catch on, though. Opium did.

I would write more but this window-closing thing is just too frustrating.

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