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Oct 11 2001

Happy Double-Ten Day yesterday. October 10 is Nati…

Happy Double-Ten Day yesterday. October 10 is National Day in Taiwan. The Republic of China is now 90 years old. I assume there were parades and balloons and fireworks, etc., but I didn’t see any of it. I noticed a few more flags around; that’s about it. As usual, I wasted the entire day by going out to eat and watching TV, when I should have been hard at work on my damn book. It’s my damn book now because I just want to get the damn thing finished and published. Ok, just finished. I’ll worry about the publishing part later. I look forward to it, actually, because at least I’ll have the damn thing finished.

I wonder if seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is spooking me and keeping me from wanting to finish it? It could be that deep down I’m afraid to find out if it’s any good or not. This is cowardice, pure and simple, just like all writer’s block, because it’s so easy to say you have writer’s block, as the assumption is that you could write wonderful stuff if you could, you just can’t. Bollocks to that, I say. Just write and have the balls to find out whether or not your stuff is shit or not. Oh, and don’t be a lazy bum like me, who can write the equivalent of a full-length novel in a blog but can’t be bothered to finish editing a book that’s practically already written.

Harry called and wanted to know if I wanted to go back to the hot springs, but I said no, I should stay home and work on my damn book. Oh, well. Why is it, after a day off work, during which I really didn’t do much at all, I still feel tired and depressed? One day off in the middle of the week is good, of course, but it’s more than a little like just eating one nacho; nachos are good, but just one? And no dip?

Our friend from Azerbaijan, Fuad, came round last night as we were watching TV at the 70’s Love Palace to announce that, apparently due to his middle-eastern looks, he had lost both of his jobs that day. Both were English-teaching jobs, and Fuad’s English, while excellent, is obviously not that of a native speaker. Still, bit of a coincidence that he would lose both gigs on the same day, enit?

Dean and Kay are moving to Jingmei, a suburb southwest of Taipei, some time before the end of the month, which is good in that hopefully there will be less of a likelihood of flooding and closer proximity to a MRT station on the Hsintien line.

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