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Sep 08 2001

Ha! it’s still Saturday and I’ve already surpassed…

Ha! it’s still Saturday and I’ve already surpassed my goal of 60,000 words, which is over 200 pages in a normal paperback pocket book. If I can keep this pace up tomorrow, I might just get close to the end of this phase of writing my book. I can’t believe I wrote over 6,000 words today. Damn. And somehow I still have some left over to write in here.

It occurred to me that the chances of finding someone to fill in for me in October are slim to none, so I am considering altering my travel plans and waiting until November to make my trip, since Henrik will be free to sub for me then. Australia’s not so bad in November, is it? I have no idea, actually.

Now if I can only sell my boss on this idea. Theoretically, it sounds good, since I am delaying my annual leave so that someone can fill in for me, and I am also giving them well over a month’s notice, so it’s not like I’m waiting until the last minute. The way I see it, since my position demands that, not only do I need a replacement, but I am also responsible for finding a suitable candidate, they should cut me some slack about exactly when I take my leave.

Theoretically, that is. In reality my boss is a bundle of raging, pregnancy-induced hormones, so who knows what the hell will happen. All I do know is that I really, really hate dealing with people. I’d make a terrible diplomat. I bet I’d be a kick-ass emporer, though!

In the meantime, it would appear that posting a couple of photo links to Metafilter was too much for that illustrious site, thus resulting in its (at least temporary) demise. Who knew it was so fragile? Or that my links were so strong? I really should do my laundry.

Oops, it’s back up again. I can call off the lawyers now.

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