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Oct 14 2001

Ha ha! The weekend is over, and I may not have don…

Ha ha! The weekend is over, and I may not have done much of interest, but at least I finished the first rough draft of my book! It’s almost 70,000 words, or about 230 pages at this point, and still needs some tweaking here and there, but for the most part, it’s done. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to print a copy or two out for friends to help proofread it (hint, hint).

It turns out that Dean and Kay are not actually moving to Chingmei. Rather, they are moving out past city hall, near the Frenchie Department Store on Zhongxiao E. Road. I might go out and take a look-see tomorrow or the next day, unless the typhoon out browsing the pacific decides to pay us a visit. I think I’ve had enough typhoons this year, though. I could really do without another.

Signs of the upcoming elections continue to proliferate. After I bought some subway sandwiches from “Subzone”, which up until recently was a Subway store, I took my lunch to Ta-an Park, but the park was smothered in ugly campaign flags, and a political rally over near the stage was in full swing, the sound of the party faithful chanting their idiotic slogans, puncuated periodically with blasts from air horns and providing a less-than-peaceful atmosphere.

Last night Kirk and I went to a nearby restaurant for tea and cookies. It was quite pleasant sitting out on the patio, but the kind of people walking up and down the street in some sort of fashion-show travesty made me wonder about that neighborhood. The area I live in is quintessential “bo-bo-land”, or “Land of the bohemian bourgeoise”. It’s also, apparently, the land of the oxymoron as used in Vogue magazine. Ick.

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