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Jul 23 2001

Friend, fellow thespian, fellow filmmaker and all-…

Friend, fellow thespian, fellow filmmaker and all-around tall fellow Paul and I have come up with an idea for a short film. I’m not going to tell you what it is, except that it involves the explosive destruction of needlessly popular Japanese cartoon figures. To tell the truth, ‘anime’ (with the possible exception of Akira, which has a kick-ass motorcycle chase scene) just gives me the creeps. Not only that, but Americans obsessed with anime give me the heebie-jeebies, and it takes some serious shit to get me to say “heebie-jeebies”, I’ll have you know. The reasons for this seem obvious to me: Huge, monsterous, quivering blue eyes, impossibly long legs, the distinct lack of nasal structure, sailor outfits and multicolored hair. How could this possibly fail to induce psychosis-causing nightmares? Yet Americans (as well as many Taiwanese, I am ashamed to add) just can’t seem to get enough of this hideousness. I suppose it is all part of the “Being Different by Being the Same” school of thought, sort of like when everybody went out on August 21st, 1984 and bought a “Members Only” jacket because they wanted to look like a subtle Michael Jackson.

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