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Oct 03 2001

Every time I add a new site to my favorites, IE pu…

Every time I add a new site to my favorites, IE puts it at the bottom of the list. Then, if the site turns out to be one that I visit often, I have to move it manually to near the top of the list. This takes several minutes, because the scroll is equally slow no matter how fast one’s computer is. It moves up the long list at about 1.5 sites per second, I’d estimate. I keep one hand on my mouse at the top of the list as I use my other hand to drink some water, look at my list of depressing things to do, or scratch some itch somewhere while my chosen site ascends slowly, like an elevator up a tall building, through sites I found vaguely amusing, useful sites, currency conversions, webcam worlds, travel sites, on up to Star Wars sites, editing sites, Choctaw or other ndn sites, film sites, various newspapers I read, and then, as it closes in on my absolute favorite sites, I return my attention to the the scrollbar as I decide which place my new favorite will hold in the hallowed hall of my top 10 or 20 sites.

I suppose Microsoft designed the scroll speed back when people only had a handful of sites on their favorites list and never bothered improving it. Either that or there is some obviously better way to do it and I’m so clueless I have no idea what it is. Still, it’s useful to do this once in a while, because I am forced to see all of the sites in my favorties list, some of which I’ve completely forgotten about, and then I can go back and see what’ s become of them, whether they haven’t changed at all, in which case I would delete them, or if they’ve remained interesting, or if they’ve improved into something I would like to read on a semi-daily basis, whereupon I would start the entire process once again.

Thanks to Doyce, I’ve been able to find some interesting anagrams for “Poagao’s Planet”, such as “Platoon Ape Gas” (Hey, don’t look at me!), “Lasagne Pet Poo” (uh, not), “Analog Poet Spa” (sounds like a blog name), “Postage on a Pal” (an inflatable one?), “El-paso Goat Pan” (which El-paso is known for, actually), Analog Soap Pet” (remarketing of the Chia Pet, no doubt), “Analog Tops Ape” (I’d like to think I can top Analog any day), and what I think is the most suitable: “Slogan Atop Ape”.

The only interesting anagrams for “Poagao’s Journal” were “Guano Jar as Pool” (if you’re really desperate) and “Jaguars on a Loop”, which sums this site up pretty well, I think. Very Freudian.

Dean and the rest of the inhabitants of the 70’s Airport Love Palace are planning to go their seperate ways by the end of this month. Truly the end of an era, but I can understand how they feel after two floods, constant airplane noise, a resident ghost, and the lingering odor. I hope the new place has the Star World channel and isn’t all the way out in Mucha…you listening, Dean? I know that Dean reads this site because his job is just as boring as mine. Heh.

I just finished a facinating tale of one man’s incarceration in the US prison system. No doubt there are countless others out there, but this one is definitely worth reading, even if the Tripod popups are annoying. The fact that fucked-up experiences are so interesting to read about gives me not a little amount of encouragement concerning my upcoming book.

Actually, I’m still not sure how I should name the people I talk about in the book. I can’t very well use their real names, not without their consent, so I’ll have to make up names for most of them, or just use parts of their names. I have some pretty harsh stuff to say about some of these guys, so I need to find a way to describe them and what happened, while not revealing who they are, since at least some of them, I’m pretty sure, are now gangsters and other shady characters. I’m also not too sure what the English title should be, although I have decided on a title for the Chinese (Taiwanese) version, which I plan to publish after the English version.

I was just looking out of the bathroom window, which is the only window one can open up to let outside air in the office, and I saw the usual flock of pigeons flying endless figure-eights among the rooftops behind our building. Today I noticed that one of the birds was pure white, totally unlike the other birds, but flying in complete synchronization with the flock. I didn’t know whether to feel envy or sympathy.

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