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Oct 13 2001

Even though the weather was great today, I was goo…

Even though the weather was great today, I was good and stayed home to edit for most of it. If I do the same tomorrow, I may just be able to finish this draft of my book. The main reason this would be good, aside from the obvious, is that I am hoping that I can con a couple of friends into filling in for me whilst I go trapsing about down under, and since this would require such impeccable timing that I would pretty much have to leave in about a week’s time, I would like to at least have a rough copy of my book done, lest I fall prey to pangs of guilt and remorse during my hard-earned vacation. My friend Jimmy said I might be able to crash at his place in Sydney, which would be very cool. I need to save my $$$ as much as possible while I’m there.

So I didn’t do much today other than go out to eat, look at happily sleeping cats in the pet store window, update my photography page and change my turtles’ water (always great fun as it really confuses them. God probably feels the same way about astrology). I did notice that year-end elections are approaching, though. One candidate for the legislative yuan took it upon himself to open up an office downstairs from me, but I have to say that it looks more like a 24-hour betelnut stand than an election office, except there’s no scantily dressed woman manufacturing narcotic paste inside (as far as I know). Outside the oversized poster shows a smiling, apparently healthy middle-aged man, but the very same man inside, looking rather overweight and haggard as he hunches over a computer at 11pm, tells a very different story.

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