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Sep 24 2001

Daniel is revamping his site and has a new banner….

Daniel is revamping his site and has a new banner.

Banners fun. Me need banner. Massive audience awaiting eagerly.

Sarcasm annoying.

Randall has gotten me back for posting a cheesy picture of him by posting a cheesy picture of me (He started it, though, I have to say). Notice how incredibly pale I am after sitting in the office for months on end. I look like a vitamin-D deficiency poster boy these days. I need to get out more, which is unlikely due to our steady stream of typhoons in recent weeks. Our streets reek with mold and mildew, and various pieces of soggy furniture and other detrius litter the sidewalks. The car-cleaning business next to our office building is doing a brisk business, however. Motorcycle repair shops are probably raking it in as well.

Still, we could still score yet another day off due to the next storm, which is currently heading this way and gaining strength. Coming back to the office after a week off today was pounded in for me by the sound of someone in the next cubicle clipping what seemed like too many nails for an ordinary human to the strains of “The Carpenters Meet Zamfir the Incredible Flute Thingy Player” playing over the PA system.

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