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Sep 13 2001

Daniel calls this account "suprisingly under-read….

Daniel calls this account “suprisingly under-read.” Hmmm…what are you trying to say, that I need another reader? He also calls me “articulate”, which is Latin for “uses way too many commas.”

So much for the blurbs. I’m still waiting for my boss to call my prospective replacement and see if he is interested. Will she even call? Or will she sit on it until it’s too late? I’m still paranoid, of course, because I realize that, even if people are consciously out to get me, they could still be following coded directives from either outer space or John Travolta or both.

Last night everyone in the office was called to a company meeting. I thought it was surely in response to the New York attacks, since our main office is in midtown Manhattan. Instead, it was a totally ordinary, boring meeting, with no mention of the attacks at all. The people here seemed to lack the shock part of the reaction, but instead told stories they had heard about the disaster with surprising amounts of relish. At the meeting, however, there were a couple of promotion announcements and obsequious speeches by people expressing their thanks to everyone who helped them make more money. Then they put on a crappy Japanese Beatles-wannabe music video for us to “learn” from, and I had to leave before I strangled a hapless co-worker or two.

It’s a fine late-summer/early fall day today. Autumn in Taiwan tends to be relatively mild; it’s my favorite season here. Since I’ve finished the rough rough first draft of my book, I might take this weekend off and go to Taichung or somewhere, just to get out of Taipei for a bit. I still feel compelled to finish the damn thing, though, and especially to get as much done as possible before I go on vacation, whenever I end up going on vacation. If I go in October, obviously I won’t have that much time, but if I end up going in November, I’ll have a reasonable amount of time to work on it before I go. Right now it’s not up to me, however, so all I can do is sit around and worry that there’s something still stuck in my eye.

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