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Jul 02 2001

Damn, look at all of these new blogs! Why is this?…

Damn, look at all of these new blogs! Why is this? Was there a report in USA Today or something? I say new because they all seem to be using Blogspot with the same format. I know my format isn’t exactly the cat’s pajamas(people should use this phrase more often), but at least it’s not completely without individuality. At least I hope it isn’t. No, it must be absolutely full of personality! Why else would I be getting hundreds of thousands of hits every day?

For all of you out there without access to my counted logs, that was sarcasm. In harsh, cold reality, it looks like less than ten people actually read this thing, and that’s counting me. Do you know what this means? This means that I am actually more popular on the Internet than I am in real life! Hooray! The reason for this, of course, if that the Internet serves as a sort of filter between my readers and some of my more disgusting qualities. Soon I hope to have an even better filter, so that I not only appear less disgusting than I do in real life on here, but I actually appear charming and attractive! However, the technology just isn’t there yet. It could take years, even decades, with more processing power than even Moore’s law allows for, but who knows? It could happen.

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