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Dec 03 2001

Christine is thinking about living and working in …

Christine is thinking about living and working in Shanghai. I wonder about that as well; what would it be like? I hear about people going there, but I have never been myself, unless you count the time I flew over it from Qingdao on my way to Hong Kong. All I saw from the plane window was a sprawling mass of yellowish lights, seeming impossibly huge at that height. I haven’t been back to mainland China in almost a decade; it would be interesting to see how much has changed. One thing I do remember vividly, however, was how much I missed Taiwan after living in Qingdao and Kaiping for a year.

I already have a Tai Bao Zheng, the official travel permit for ROC citizens, although I cannot predict what PRC officials’ reaction to it would be. Perhaps I could try it out on a trip to Shanghai and maybe Beijing, neither of which I’ve ever seen. I probably wouldn’t even consider Beijing except for its history and the fact that they’re trying to make it presentable enough for the 2008 Olympics.

Perhaps they will open up some transportation links before long, and I will be able to get on a cruiseship in Jilong Harbor, bound for Shanghai. But I doubt it.

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