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Jul 18 2001

Asian Bastard, among many other people, doesn’t li…

Asian Bastard, among many other people, doesn’t like Mystery Meat Navigation. Up until now I had thought that my little menu on the right was pretty self-explanitory, but now I’m not so sure. Do you need some text to help you figure out what the links are, or can you figure it out the way it is? As always, I’m open to suggestions.

My computer didn’t crash, I wasn’t caught for being late again, I brought a Billy Joel CD to help drown out Whiny Woman’s renditions of “Memories”, and I didn’t get too wet on the ride home, so today went pretty well, all things considered. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still hate my job. It’s just some days I hate it less than others.

Speaking of my job, I have had this feeling recently that I am approaching a watershed of some sort. I feel that, at some point within the next couple of months, my situation is going to change quite a bit, hopefully for the better. Whether this is because I have been doing the same thing for too long or not I don’t know. Certainly it could be that I am planning to quit my present job, take on a part-time position and spend the extra time writing my book and planning my next film. However, my hunches are usually only about as accurate as my grenade throwing, which is not accurate at all. You don’t want to be around me when I am throwing a grenade. I can sharpshoot pretty well, or at least pretty well for the army, but sergeants were running for cover when it came time for me to practice grenade throwing. After a few ‘incidents’, they just gave me a softball and said “Here, go play with this.”

I’m going to try to avoid getting too bloody tomorrow afternoon when I have a knife fight scheduled with a guy named Wei. Actually, he’s a skin doctor and he is going to remove a thing on my arm. I know, this journal is entirely too graphic these days. Hopefully this will pass soon (But maybe it won’t! You never know, do ya?), after I have the rest of my yearly physical on Saturday and maybe a little laser surgery on my eyes later on.

The cicadas are reaching their peak, I think. They’re almost deafening these days, but I still like ’em. Cicadas say summer like nothing else can in my book.

Thank god for Internet radio, is all I can say. All of the radio commercials here feature women with impossibly high voices trying to sound as much like anime characters as possible. I must be able to be irritated by higher frequencies as most people, because these voices bug the hell out of me.

I finally sold the last of my “Taiwan: the Renegade Province” T-shirts, and yet there are still quite a few people who want to buy them. I called up the place that made them for me and said I might do another order, and please don’t make them for anyone but me, in case there’s a riot or something. In fact, if you see someone who obviously doesn’t know me, like Kofi Annan or Russel Crowe, walking around Taipei with one of these shirts on, let me know and I’ll fix it so that the shirt money is part of their next video rental bill. I would like to sell one to Jiang Zemin and the gang up in Beijing; after all, they’s the ones who came up with that phrase in the first place, so they should really be into this shirt, I would think. Maybe I’ll send Jiang Zemin one. He could wear it at state functions, and you’d see “poagao.org” on his back when he turned around to go back into his limo after waving to the masses at Tienanmen Square.

I was actually thinking this time of putting this site’s URL in the design somewhere, like maybe on the back under the collar or something. I could even sell them through this website. Any ideas on that? Is is blatent commericialism or acceptable advertisement? I work in the advertising industry, so I’ve lost any objectivity I might have once had on the subject.

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