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Dec 18 2001

As if the recent cold, rainy weather and my result…

As if the recent cold, rainy weather and my resulting soggy shoes weren’t bad enough, there was an earthquake this morning.

It didn’t seem that strong at first. It started out with that slight tentative quiver that makes you wonder if maybe the seaweed tuna roll you had for breakfast wasn’t such a brilliant idea. Then it got stronger, and other people began to say the magic word: Earthquake! I’ve been through stronger ones, of course, most notably the 9/21 quake in 99, and even after that, but this one seemed to last a long time. People ran to the stairwells and stood against the support pillars in our office. I stayed at my desk (damn I’m heroic: “Brave Editor Finishes Editing Insipid Feminine Product Commerical Script Despite Being Smushed by Falling Drink Machine in Quake”), but I did take the precaution of putting on my shoes just in case I had to run for it. I was waiting for the power to go off; a sure sign that it’s a big quake in my book, but it stayed on, and eventually the quake died down. It was odd to see the buildings across the street swaying back and forth, but soon that stopped as well.

My concern now is that my room has been trashed again, since my building tends to sway rather aggresively in some quakes. It’s not a terribly big problem as long as nothing of import is broken, but….but….it’s the NOT KNOWING that’s TEARING ME APART!

Sorry. Perhaps I should go home now.

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