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Sep 24 2001

As I was taking the MRT (elevated line) home tonig…

As I was taking the MRT (elevated line) home tonight, I noticed that the illustration on my pass card was amusingly appropriate, considering the fact that most of the subway is under water or full of mud at the moment. City Hall says it will be at least two weeks before we can use the underground portion of the system again, not including Taipei Main Station, which was completely inundated and will take even longer to get working again.

It looks like work is still on for tomorrow, in spite of the typhoon weaving about drunkenly in the ocean to the southeast of us. Fortunately, my friend and former News co-worker (I know, they’re everywhere) Graham is back in town after a stint back in Blighty, and we’re going to go to 45 for drinks after work.

I’ve also come up with a small banner you can use if you so desire. These are actually pretty fun to make, so if anyone wants me to make one with different or bizzarre dimensions (sorry, no supermodel figures or state outlines, unless it’s something like South Dakota), just let me know, and I’ll give it a shot.

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