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Jul 06 2001

Apparently, the L-train is the hippest train in Ne…

Apparently, the L-train is the hippest train in New York (link from the tinman). Who would have thought? I used to take that train every day when I was going to film school in New York, from Union Square in Manhattan out to where I was living in Brooklyn, at the Myrtle St. station. It didn’t feel like a hip line. Coming back at 2 or 3 in the morning, it didn’t even feel safe, much less hip. I did see some gorgeous Puerto Rican guys on that train, though, I have to admit. I lived with the only Chinese family in a largely Puerto Rican neighborhood at the time, on a mattress in the sewing room. I actually miss living in New York sometimes, although I’m not sure if I would like to do it full-time.

We got a company-wide email today extolling the vitues of leaving work on time and not staying late. It was in Chinese, and since I wasn’t asked to translate, I can only assume that the foreigners in the company don’t have a huge problem with leaving work at 6. Some of the ‘vitues’ listed: being able to come to work on time the next day, not raising your boss’ expectations too much, not setting a ‘bad’ example for those under you, and not getting sick of your co-workers. Brilliant.

I was really late to work today; I mean, more late than I usually am. It seemed that events were actually conspiring to make me late. Thank god nobody noticed…or maybe that company-wide email was a hint? I have no problem leaving at 6; it’s getting here before 10 every day(when I’m supposed to be here at 9, but nobody else is) that’s the problem. Another problem is Whiny Woman singing along to “Yesterday Once More” by the Carpenters. Well, “whining along” would probably be a more accurate description.

Met up with Carl, Gavin, Steve and Dean at the Tavern last night, but for some reason I just wasn’t in the mood for it and didn’t say much. I didn’t even drink anything but ginger ale, since I was on my bike. I think I need a vacation; I need to get out of town, maybe down to Taichung or even Kaohsiung. Problem is, since we have rehearsal every Sunday, I don’t have the time to do this. Maybe I could take a day trip to Fulong or Daxi beach, or visit the army base I served at in Miaoli.

Me: “Hey, I used to stand guard right here!”

Confused guard with M16 clone rifle: “Sir, either step away from the gate or I will shoot you.”

Yesterday after using the bathroom I tried to get some liquid soap out of the Dove Liquid Soap bottle they put next to the sink in our bathroom here, but the top snapped off and spewed gooey white liquid all over the mirror in a surprisingly artistic fashion. The Jani-king guy probably thinks that Pablo Picasso returned from the dead and spooged a masterpiece on our bathroom mirror.

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