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Aug 10 2001

Apparently, I killed Diva. I found her floating de…

Apparently, I killed Diva. I found her floating dead in the washbasin last night. “Shit!” I muttered as I dumped her corpse in the bushes downstairs. So today after work I went to the pet store to get a new companion for Jacques, and I told the women who ran the store one of my turtles had died.

“So you want a replacement turtle?” she asked.

“I was actually under the impression that turtles lived for hundreds of years,” I said.

“If you take care of them they might. How often do you change their water?”

“You’re supposed to change their water?”

“Well, yeah, unless you want them to die from swimming in their own toxic waste.”

So I killed Diva by forcing her to drown in her own piss. Sometimes I disgust even myself.

The new guy is quite active, constantly wanting to get out of the basin, like Jacques was when he first arrived. Newbie will learn the ropes soon enough, though. As long as I remember to change the water.

I got a really nice email from someone in Chicago, but they used an email address I could swear is not listed on this website. It’s rather puzzling. Nice to have fans, though, even if I have no idea where they got that email address. I would have thought, after adding my email address to each post, installing permanent links and even making my text visible for Netscape users, fer cryin’ out tears, that I would be flooded with fan mail, but the harsh reality that mine is simply one of millions of websites out there has crushed any such expections. Which is ok, because you know I really value not being mobbed by adorers in the street every time I go buy instant noodles at 7-Eleven.

Dean emailed and said he found a Rio Volt to buy for me in Canada. Now I will be able to take hundreds of songs with me wherever I go! Do you realize what this means? This means no more being subjected to Whiny Woman whining along to One Lisa!

And now I have this lovely, rehearsal-free, typhoon-free weekend lying before me….what, oh, what shall I do with it(besides wondering if I got that job or not)? Kirk can’t do anything because his grandmother died (she was 91 and died in her sleep) and according to Buddhist tradition their family can’t do much of anything for 49 days. I don’t want to see a movie on the weekend because it is too crowded. Ah, well, unplanned weekends are the best kind anyway.

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