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Jun 21 2001

Apparently I have a Bacon score of 3. But then aga…

Apparently I have a Bacon score of 3. But then again, I’m pretty sure the ‘Jani-king!’ guy does too.

The guy who has the office behind me has been on the phone, yelling, pounding his desk and swearing at the person on the other end. It would seem that my influence is spreading.

It’s nice, sunny and hot today, but Typhoon Chebi is forming out east of the Philippines, the second one of the season. That could put a dent into the Dragon Boat festivities if it heads this way. I may regret saying this, but who can be afraid of anything called ‘Chebi’? It sounds like the name of the fire-engine red pedal-driven car I had when I was a kid. No, wait, that was ‘Chubby.’ I had a Chubby when I was 2, thank you very much.

I’m going to meet up with some other News veterans at The Tavern tonight if anyone is interested. I’ll even bring some of my T-shirts to sweeten the deal. Just think: you could meet me in person! Then I can shatter all of your lofty expectations for the low-low price of one Rum and Coke!

Actually, last night when I was over at Dean’s watching TV, I met a guy who only knew me from reading this site. “Hey, you’re the guy with the Web site,” he said as he shook my hand, this perfect stranger who probably knows a lot more about me than I know about him. I hope to meet more people like that in the future.

A little note about how to pronounce Poagao: It’s Pwah-gow, with the emphasis on the Pwah. Ok? Now you know how to say ‘Happy Monkey’ in Fukienese! Quick! Go to a Taiwanese restaurant and awe your friends with your mastery of the language!

You: Yes, I’d like the ‘Happy Monkey Brains’ please. With extra soy sauce.

Waiter: I’m callin’ the cops.

I saw a reference to Epinions the other day. Curious as always, I clicked on the link and my screen was immediately overwhelmed by several thousand pop-up ads. Kids, don’t try this at home.

I had lunch with my boss today. I was complaining that people weren’t learning from the instructional e-mails I send now and then, and she replied by saying “You can’t expect people to learn things right away. We keep telling you to get to work on time, but you’re still always late.”

Oops. I guess they noticed more than I thought they did. My grandma used to tell me I ran on Indian Time, by which she meant I was never on time for anything. I was late for my first class in college, the last class in college, and most everything in between. I was even born a month early: I was supposed to be a January baby, but I was sitting around the womb, which back then didn’t even have Internet access. So I was pretty bored, and I thought to myself, Lessee, what can I give my parents for Christmas?

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