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Oct 09 2001

Another silly test, via Luke. I know that spre…

Find out what robot you really are

Another silly test, via Luke. I know that spreading these vapid memes is a waste of time, but what else am I going to do here at the office? Work? Shyah! As if?

(Ok, ok, I admit that I recently purchased the Wayne’s World DVD.)

The Budget Nazis are on the prowl. Shouting “Recession!”, they take advantage this golden opportunity to push their policies of financial restriction, framing every aspect of any institution in terms of profit targets met and unmet, thus contributing to the effects of the recession and extending their reign of terror. It’s a vicious cycle. Ignorance is indeed bliss. If I could only believe the words of the Budget Nazis as I edit our replies to their demands, maybe, just maybe, I could also comprehend the attraction of such intellectual delights as Sabrina the Teenage Bitch.

One of my co-workers just asked me if I, being the swashbuckling rebel figure that I am, would be willing to be interviewed by the company magazine. I said ok, but I honestly don’t know what I could talk about without getting my ass fired. Something tells me that this journal should remain undiscovered, but they might want to know about my photography and films, all of which are on this website. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just talk about Tai-chi sword or something simularly harmless. Maybe I’ll give them a demonstration, and if they get too close to the truth, *slash-slash*, and no one will be the wiser.

Except you, that is. But that’s ok; I’ll let it slide as long as you stay in Mississippi and keep eating those donuts.

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