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Jun 28 2001

After work I rode down to the riverside park behin…

After work I rode down to the riverside park behind the Tri-service Hospital in Gongguan and took some pictures with my new camera. I posted two of them in my photos section. I was pleasantly surprised with the camera’s low-light capabilities as well as its accurate colors. I’m glad I got the S300 instead of the S100, too, because I need at least a 3x zoom.

As I walked around the park, followed by swarms of mosquitos, I noticed that there was some construction equipment under the bridge. There was no sign of the guy who had made his home there before. He had quite a setup there, with a gate, a shack, tables and chairs spread out under the bridge, with more space than most people in this city. I even considered going to interview him for the newspaper, but I couldn’t get past his attack dogs. I wonder what happened to him.

Speaking of dogs, this sign, if you couldn’t read the Chinese characters for ‘basketball’, might just as easily be interpreted as “Beware of small dogs who leap into the air and try to bite off your hands.”

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