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Jun 14 2001

A tip for those who live in earthquake-prone areas…

A tip for those who live in earthquake-prone areas: Don’t buy a large can of “Raid” roach spray and store it on a high shelf in your bathroom, just above your dirty laundry basket. There is a high probability that the can will fall off in the event of a quake and break the top off, so that the entire contents of the roach spray will be emptied all over your bathroom, including your clothes and your toothbrush. So, if you don’t want to go around smelling like you live in a roach motel, put your roach spray somewhere relatively near the floor. It’s probably too heavy for the roaches to carry off, unless you live in either Taiwan or Florida.

Luckily, my computer didn’t fall off the table, or I wouldn’t be typing to you right now. My books and CDs, however, were thrown off the shelves by the quake. One CD cover was actually taken out of the jewel case, if you can imagine that. And clothes, boxes and papers were strewn everywhere…oh, wait, it was like that before the quake. Oh, well. The point is, everything still works except for the roach spray.

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