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Oct 15 2001

A message to whomever keeps turning on the typhoon…

A message to whomever keeps turning on the typhoon magnet: cut it out! It’s the middle of October already! We’re not interested! Try next door. I’m sure Vietnam would love a nice big typhoon.


We’d better at least get a day off out of this. It’s already looking nasty outside, just in time for me to get off work so I can walk around in it.

I planned to print out my book today, but whenever I open it up I find myself going through and changing little things here and there, adding bits, deleting bits, etc. I just can’t stop editing the damn thing. Supposedly there will come a point when I can’t think of anything else to do to it, but I wonder if that’s really the case. More likely I’ll just get sick of looking at it and throw it at publishers while they looking away, just to catch them by surprise and see the looks on their faces when 250 pages of my drivel rain down from above. “But it’s interesting drivel!” I’ll explain.

I called the travel agency this afternoon and am on standby for trips to both Perth and Sydney to increase my chances of getting a ticket before this Sunday. This Saturday we have our Taichi Sword competition, so I can’t leave before then. It should be interesting, I think. I’ve been in Karate competitions and Kung-fu competitions before, but never a Tai-chi Sword competition. I imagine it’s much more relaxed and informal, but I could be wrong. Maybe it’s like an secret society meeting, with all kinds of talismans, magic shirts, rituals of fire and militaristic overtones. Now that would be interesting.

My friend Shawn sent me a tape of the Enterprise premier, but it has yet to get here. Damn, I hope it didn’t get lost.

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