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Jul 09 2001

A few days ago I was at Dean’s apartment and was t…

A few days ago I was at Dean’s apartment and was talking with some other friends of mine who live there, including Catherine and Eoghain. Catherine is from Canada and Eoghain from England, just for the sake of consonant alliteration. Eoghain recently bought a hopped-up NSR150 motorcycle.

Eoghain: We’re going to have to give you a race.

Me: But I’ve already got a race. Two, in fact. I really don’t think I need another.

Catherine is a really lovely woman, and a very cool friend who recently expressed interest in appearing in this account. We used to work at the News together. I wasn’t there her first day, but when I came in the next day, all the guys in the office were talking about her, wondering who was going to be able to sit next to her.

Ach! I’m tired. I stayed up last night sending photos of the rehearsal to people and watching the fifth Huang Fei Hong movie with the highly unoriginal title “Once Upon a Time in China and America”. For most of it I just had to shake my head and laugh, saying “Oh, god, this is so stupid/awful/incredibly bad!”, but while Tsui Hark completely failed to capture any credible semblance of the American West, the fight scenes were still entertaining, and Xiong Xin-xin, who plays Ah-qi and is featured at the upper left corner of the banner on my home page, is always fun to watch. At least they seemed to avoid using too many white guys to play native americans in the film, but it is painfully obvious that they didn’t do any research whatsoever beyond the usual stereotypes. A really, really stupid film, but teetering on the edge of being so stupid it is actually fun.

The first one in the series was great, one of my favorite films of all time, while the second and third were entertaining but flawed. I doubt they will make another. I just wish they could make better use of Jet Li’s talents these days.

I had a craving for a frajita for lunch, so I walked over to the G’day Cafe. On the way, I saw a conservatively dressed woman give me the finger as she passed in the opposite direction. At first I didn’t believe what I had just seen, but what are you supposed to do, go back and ask, “Excuse me, did you just flip me off?” She probably reads this journal. That would explain a lot.

I am going to rehearse again tonight with Jason, who plays Thomas More in our play. The only thing I am afraid of at this point is, come opening night or at any other performance, me freezing up and going completely blank. Now, of course, I’ve sowed the psychological seeds for my next theatrical debacle. Ach! I’m a plodder!

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