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Aug 04 2001

25 years ago, I would waste entire Saturday mornin…

25 years ago, I would waste entire Saturday mornings glued to the TV set watching cartoons. Now I waste my Saturday mornings glued to my computer monitor. Is this progress?

15 years ago I took the Johnson O’Conner aptitude test. One of my highest scores, if not my highest score, was for something called “Ideaphoria”, which meant the rate of idea flow, and was ‘measured’ by giving the subject a piece of blank paper and seeing how much they could write within a certain amount of time. I wrote something like “Well, here I am sitting at this here table in a room with no windows, and trying, without much success, to think of anything interesting to write about. This guy with the stopwatch is giving me the creeps. I wish he’d go away. What’s with those glasses, anyway…” and that sort of thing. I covered both sides of the paper with such drivel, and recently it dawned on me that that was my first blog entry. Testing someone’s ideaphoria isn’t necessarily testing their idea flow, but really how much bullshit they can put out. It’s not testing the quality of the ideas, just the quanity. In other words, your typical blog.

For some reason a lot of people have been looking at my photography in the last few days. This is a good thing, since having a place to show off my pictures was the original reason I came up with this site. And as much as I enjoy taking the piss out of A-listers, that’s not why I’m doing this. Actually, I’m not entirely sure exactly why I’m doing this, but it sure as hell ain’t that. That would be just too embarrassing. I don’t care how many hits it gives me.

At sword class last night, our teacher asked us if we wanted to compete at an event in October. I am not really interested in competition, but most of the group seemed to want to do it, so I guess I will, too. It couldn’t hurt, I guess, and it will probably help me improve my form. I don’t know if I wil be there for practice all the time, though. After the play I had hoped to use some of my weekends for a bit of travelling, to Taichung or Kaohsiung perhaps, or even to Green Island and/or Orchid Island. I just need to get out of this city for a while. It’s summer, after all! A lot depends on what happens with my employment situation, in that if I stay where I am I will have 2-4 weeks off for my annual leave, but if I change jobs I will have more time in general but no annual leave. But I’m not going to let it bother me tonight, oh no! Not tonight! Or today, either, because it’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday, and I just have to be out in it somewhere.

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