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Nov 17 2006

China Vidlet

When I was in China last month, I would occasionally use my little Canon Digital IXUS 40‘s video function to take clips here and there. Over the course of 11 days I accumulated about half an hour of video. Upon my return, I dumped it all into a Premiere Pro timeline, parred it down to about 15 minutes and overlaid some of the music by the Chinese band Brendan turned me on to called Second-hand Rose. Somehow it seems to match my mood at various points of the trip pretty well.

I posted a low-res version on Google video and one on Youtube. The original video is 640 by 480, but the WMP encoder on Premiere seems stuck at half that resolution, so it’s best viewed at less than full-screen size; I’ll see if I can put up a higher-resolution version when I have time. Keep in mind that this is no more than an extended vidlet with music made with a point-and-shoot camera. To tell the truth I forgot about the video part for most of my time in Shanghai (and also I didn’t feel like whipping out and talking to my camera in the company of Lennet or my other gracious hosts in that fair city), so unfortunately there’s no footage of me wading through the touts along the Bund. Ah, maybe next time.

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Nov 15 2006

Meet Poagao

Meet Poagao

A while back PTS did a little video spot on me. Here it is. Apologies for the mumbly Chinese; I was a bit nervous, being on the wrong side of the camera and all.

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